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The play is the thing
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Gibson sole survivor of unholy alliance

Hillaire, Gibson, and Sammy had taken every ounce of enjoyment from the game; and stripped it of its West Indian flavour. Hillaire and Sammy are now gone, hopefully never to return, but the confused and clueless Gibson is still hanging around. 


Ravi Shastri on IPL Probe Panel - A Case of Mongoose in the Chicken Coop?

Given Shastri's personal interests in both the BCCI and IPL, many are questioning whether he will be capable of independent thought.  


ICC Tim Anderson points to reason for Associate Members success

"Often it is the countries with good domestic governance that end up being successful in the long run," Anderson said. "Good administration often underpins good performance. Afghanistan are a beacon for good administration. Ireland are another example. They have one of the top administrations in the cricketing world."


Tendulkar Image is Wisden Photo of the Year

The image of Sachin Tendulkar walking out for his last test innings at the Wankhede in Mumbai was chosen as Wisden MCC photo of the year.










Can Gavaskar rise above his own conflicts of interest?

Handed the most important job in Indian cricket, Gavaskar finds himself in a moral dilemma: Gavaskar himself appears mired in conflicts of interest - the very reason for the Supreme Court to remove Srinivasan. In 2010 BCCI made it a requirement that Gavaskar and Shastri be part of the commentary team for every match at an annual salary of Rs.3.6 crore bankrolled by the BCCI.  


'Cool' Corrupt Conduct in IPL Scandal

If at first you don't succeed, then lie and lie again. Mr. Cool MS Dhoni charged with lying misleading investigators.  "Mr. M.S. Dhoni, Mr. N. Srinivasan and officials of India Cements took the stand that Mr. Meiyappan had nothing to do with the cricketing affairs of chennai Super Kings."


Srinivasan's refusal to quit "nauseating", says India's Supreme Court

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. That seems to be what India’s Supreme Court was saying when it ordered BCCI President Srinivasan to step down.


To bat right, get your mind right - Martin Crowe

Bradman had the greatest cricketing mind and the ability to clear his thoughts and stay in the moment. Next to him on that scale would be Tendulkar.


Batting is foot position and movement - Martin Crowe

Batting is about moving the body in reaction to the moving ball. From the hips to the flexed knees, to the weight on the balls of the feet, you have the ideal natural stance, poised, ready to move. Think Sachin Tendulkar. 


Michael Clarke Apologises Again

Aussie Captain Michael Clarke makes a habit of transgressing the laws of the game and then rushes to apologise after the fact. The incidents occurred during the 3rd and deciding test against South Africa that ended in a thrilling win for Australia.   


Holding lauds Mitch Johnson for exposing modern day 'stars'

 Johnson's reign of pace bowling terror is providing an overdue reckoning for batsmen grown impure of technique and slow of reaction by years of bullying bowlers of nothing like the same speed in the last five or six years, says the West Indian ace.


The curious case of 'Coach' Otis Gibson

There are coaches and then there is, how shall we say, Otis Gibson



On the Question of Darren Sammy  

Sammy was never worthy of the captaincy. And never will be, because his very appointment destroyed any credibility that he may have had.


Darren Bravo leaves tour for personal reasons  

Unconfirmed reports suggest that there was a flare up between Bravo and captain Darren Sammy in the nets and Sammy is alleged to have hurled a ball at young Bravo who questioned his bowling credentials.


Internal strife hurting West Indies - Tony Cozier  

Friday’s withdrawal from the tour of Darren Bravo, the established No. 3, “for personal reasons” added to the intrigue, although it would have to be extremely urgent for him to quit at a time when his brother is captain.


Wake Up West Indies - Martin Crowe

For heaven's sake, wake up. You are fine, athletic specimens, yet you are throwing away the very thing you were given - energy to burn. Use it to field for your Caribbean.


He saved the best for last

In a speech that provoked us to tears, Tendulkar spoke from the heart, and like music to attending ears we were held spellbound by his humility



From the archives



Sachin Tendulkar - Master of Destiny

At 21, Tendulkar had already scored 8 test hundreds. But his feats were primarily solo efforts. He was world class, but his team was still in the also-ran category.

To a batsman of Tendulkar’s calibre, this was unacceptable. In a broader context, it underscored an inconvenient truth for many Indians: despite a population of a billion people, the nation was still regarded as relatively insignificant in the sporting world.



Sir Conrad Hunte - West Indies greatest opening batsman

Hunte could have matched the greatest of them with his effervescent style, and shots that West Indians have come to describe as not-a-man-move strokes.


 Feet are the most important thing in batting, says Arthur Morris

The legendary Aussie, Arthur Morris, talks about batsmanship and batting with the Don. 


Shivnarine Chanderpaul supports USACA

Chanderpaul, speaking from London, said that he was delighted to support the national organisation to develop the game in America.


Demerara retains Intercounty Championship  

Troy Doodnauth wins MVP as Demerara repeat as Inter-county champions


Cricket twice as nice - More Guyana Intercounty action 

John Aaron previews the highly anticipated Guyana Intercounty rematch scheduled for September 28 at the Cage. The Cage - sounds like the arena, doesn't it?


Zaheer Saffie hundred lights up the Cage

Sam Sooppersaud tells us about the brilliant hundred by Zaheer Saffie that led Big Apple to the EACA 40 Over title defeating Richmond Hill by 28 runs




"Reds" Perreira honored by New York Indo-Caribbean Federation

Joseph Anthony “Reds” Perreira, in many ways a true son of the Caribbean, was recognized for almost 50 years of service to sports in the region.



Tony Cozier unplugged

In an interview with Bharat Sundaresan, the legendary commentator spoke about everything from his experience of World Series Cricket to his fractious relationship with Lara and an abortive stint with the IPL.



Can you imagine? Brian Lara, a black man, ignored a request from Mandela? There are guys who would jump off buildings for Mandela, bigger heroes than Lara. He never answered Mandela, and I don't think he has ever answered him since then." - Pat Rousseau, the WICB president.

Where's the outrage over Sarwan's continued omission?

The young players – Edwards, Bravo, Fudadin, Powell, Charles are being sacrificed while the focus remains on freezing out Sarwan.
More than numbers, it’s consistency over a 23-year career that underlines Tendulkar’s greatness. A career in which he often carried the hopes and expectations of one billion people.“No player, not even Bradman”, said Chappell, “ever had to shoulder such a burden, and that he is able to consistently deliver is what sets him apart from every other batsman”.
It was carnival in South Florida with the tassa drums; pyrotechnics from Gayle and Pollard, and the unmistakable charm of the Digicel beauties

Tendulkar’s super-human feats have earned him the title "The God of Cricket" - Time Magazine





Who Holds the Balance of Power in World Football - Europe or America?

Netherland's Robben, Argentina's Messi, Brazil's Neymar and Germany's Schuerrle will decide.


 World Cup 2014: Arjen Robben, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Andre Shurrle


Obama to US team - "You did us proud".

President Obama praised the efforts of the US football team in the World Cup in a phone call to two of its star players.


Joe Gaetjens - An American Soccer Hero

 Soccer fever is gripping the sports world as the countdown to the 2014 World Cup heats  up.  All eyes are on the South American nation of Brazil where 32 countries, including the United States, will battle for World Cup glory. In the USA, any talk of World Cup soccer and  Brazil instantly provokes memories, indelible, of Joe Gaetjens. Why? 





School Cricket New York

Newcomers defeat Bryant in season opener

Cricket fans were treated to a gem of a Twenty20 cricket contest at Baisley Park on Thursday, April 3rd, when two former PSAL champions met in their 2014 season opener.


ICC Ambassador Michael Holding in Seventh Heaven at Sage School 

 7th graders at the Russell Sage school in Forest Hills celebrated ICC Cricket Week with Cricket Ambassador and legendary West Indian fast bowler, Michael Holding. In picture [L to R] Assistant Principal, Dr. Althea Tyson, Ambassador Holding, Athletic Director, Kathleen Ponze, and Coach, Sham Samaroo.More


West Demerara skittled for 13 extras in U15 tourneyGeorgetown star players from left Junior Phillips, Colin Phillips, Ashmead Nedd, Kurt Lovell and Alhpius Bookie

Set 292 to win, West Demerara were dismissed by Georgetown for a paltry 13 made up of only extras as no batsman managed to get off the mark. Pictured right - Georgetown stars Junior Phillips, Colin Phillips, Ashmead Nedd, Kurt Lovell and Alhpius Bookie. Future Guyana stars?




Alex Amsterdam and Samantha Ramataur set to lead Atlantis


Guyanese-born Under-19 national youth player and Atlantis’ 2013 MVP Alex Amsterdam and US national women’s cricketer, Samantha Ramataur, were elected captain of the Atlantis CC Men's and Women's team for the 2014 season at the club’s 48th Annual General Meeting. 



We must make cricket a sport for all Americans - Darren Beazley

New CEO of USA Cricket wants to make America a destination for international cricket. Ondrive spoke with the CEO a few days after he took up his appointment.






Afghanistan success a stinging indictment of USACA

Afghanistan qualified for the 2015 ICC World Cup after a comprehensive seven wicket victory over Kenya, a semifinalist of the 2003 World Cup. This is a remarkable accomplishment for a country that only won Associate Member status some 3 months ago. 


Mugabe dreams slip sliding away

What appears beyond doubt is that the election was one of the most corrupt even by Mugabe’s infamous standards of compliance farce, disenfranchised voters, Caesarian vote rigging, and hired security to enforce his unconstitutional meetings.


Dainty administration the albatross around the neck of CHA?

The removal of Secretary Williams begs the question: Is this merely the latest in a laundry list of sordid episodes that many see as proof, indisputable, that USACA is redundant, useless and outdated; and should be tossed on the junk heap of history?


USACA April Fool's Day's Surprise

I mean, come on, Selwyn Caesar? National Chairman of Selectors? Really? Selwyn Caesar has held just about every position in USACA – most famous of which is chief cook and bottle washer.


Secretary Kenwyn Williams - hero or villain?

Could Secretary Williams simply want nothing for himself ? Could Williams be motivated to act simply because it is the right thing to do?


Time for Gladstone Dainty to leave USA Cricket?

For most of the last 15 years, USACA has been in a permanent state of disrepute, degradation, disgrace, divisiveness, discord, disunity and debt, if many close to the game here are to be believed. And throughout those years, there has been one constant – Gladstone Dainty.


National Championship or Kaka Bowl?

How embarrassingly ironic that an organization whose sole business is cricket has not hosted a national domestic tournament in over a year? Earlier this year, the ICC stripped USACA of the hosting rights for the World Cricket League Division 4 tournament which was to be held in Florida.