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Tony Cozier out for seventy Five

His love for West Indies was such that he lived and died each day with the changing fortunes of the team. It is to WICB president, Wycliffe Cameron's shame that he may have used his position to hurt Tony Cozier during the last two years of his life.    

West Indies succeed despite WICB

Messrs. Cameron and his comrades would have you believe that the success of the T20 is proof that there is nothing wrong with the WICB, and by extension the regional game. But in truth, and in fact, it has absolutely nothing to do with the decrepit state of the game in the region. 


Cricket All Stars Awake in the City that never Sleeps

The legends of cricket descended on the Big Apple with that unmistakable aura of greatness: Sachin's Blasters are taking on Warne's Warriors in the greatest City in the greatest nation on God's earth. 


Coming to America: Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne

Stop the press! Did I hear correctly? Sachin and Warnie inna New York? Bhai, shut your mouth. Starboy seh: Nah man, ah fe true, dem man a come. USACA has absolutely nothing to do with it and that practically guarantees its success, said Starboy.


Everest/ACS are EACA T20 blitz Champions

The Everest/American Cricket Society defeated the Liberty Sports Club in a most exciting cricket match, on Sunday, October, 2015, and was crowned the champions of the Eastern American Cricket Association T20 Blitz Tournament, for the 2015 cricket season.


X- Factor Marshall bombards Idlewild with boundaries galore in the MCL T20 finals

Last Sunday, the Idlewild cricket field (the old Idlewild airport) traded the launching of planes for cricket balls as former West Indies star batsman, Xavier Marshall, delighted the large crowd to an exhibition in strokeplay.


Was Simmons misled by Lloyd?

The sacking of coach Phil Simmons has reopened the Bravo and Pollard fiasco of which Clive Lloyd has bee the butt of jokes throughout the recent World Cup


Lance Gibbs: The Spin King of Queens Town

Long before Murali or Warne, it was Queenstown's very own Lance Gibbs that captured the attention of world cricket. 


Liberty Sports Club crowned EACA 2015 Champions

Kirton, Madramootoo, Henry, and Deonarain star as Liberty Sports Club dethroned Big Apple to capture their maiden title


NYSC Election - Time for Change

Before leaving my home, Eric Ferrier promised faithfully that if elected he will amend the constitution to require two term limits. That was nine years ago. Why has Eric Ferrier not keep his promise?


Jamie Harrison announces new initiative for US Cricket

Until recently the top man at ACF, Harrison abruptly resigned. The party line is that both sides agreed to go separate ways. That's the story that went around. But here is the real low down. The ACF leadership traded Jamie Harrison for a seat at the recent ICC negotiations.


Dainty Plea Rejected by Vincent Adams

Adams turned down an invitation from Gladstone Dainty to join his committee to appeal the ICC suspension of USACA. Adams sees little hope that the ICC will reverse its suspension and believes that it may only be a waste of time and money.   


USACA Time for a Fresh Start 

USACA has been given the boot for a third time by the ICC - that is three times in 10 years.  Think of the players, coaches, managers who had their dreams ruined by a dysfunctional Board. What now?


Why did Cameron refuse to go to India?

When did we, West Indians, become such a docile, submissive people? Have we now chosen the security of servitude? If so, then let us get down on our knees and crawl; and lick the hand of arrogance and injustice that lords over us. And one day, may posterity forget that we were once West Indians.| Can Cameron survive Indiagate? | Is WICB guilty of  discrimination asks former President Patrick Rousseau | A painful anniversary for WI cricket - Charles Wilkin | Dont blame the messenger - Tony Cozier |



Why punish players when WICB and WIPA to blame - Holding

Once again, players are being victimised and punished, and I have yet to hear about any repercussions for those who created the problem in the first place |Michael Holding: WICB hung the players out to dry | Holding Back: Watch the video | Bravo sacking 'travesty of Justice' - Prime Minister Gonsalves


Phil Hughes tragedy a wake up call

The ugliest spectacle in today’s game is the crass conduct that has taken the place of civility and fair play. The abysmal state of the game today suggested that something like this was never far away. We saw it coming, and we did nothing to stop it.


Muralitharan should never have played top flight cricket says Mohammad Yousuf

"I played him a lot of times and I know how he exceeded the 15-degree limit. With each ball, one could see him speed up his deliveries and I told him myself 'you are lucky to be playing'," says the former Pakistan captain. | Chucking crackdown 20 years too late, says Umpire Darrell Hair|


BCA's major CEO blunder

Last week’s shocking revelation by Barbados TODAY of BCA CEO Jefferson Miller’s recent conviction for grand theft in the United States has left a lot of egg on some prominent people’s faces. | Miller fired and BCA under fire | Barbados CEO Jefferson Miller to resign?


Sham Ali attack on MCL in poor taste

In a Letter to the Editor, a fan takes issue with Sham Ali's attack on the Metropolitan League.


A Royal Thrashing of the World Champions

You do know what they say about the best laid plans, don't you?  Well, just in case the BCCI may have forgotten, it got a rude reminder with a good, old-fashioned, West Indian trouncing of the world champions in the first ODI.


Liberty sweep T20 Blitz group to qualify for EACA playoff

Liberty Sports Club knocked off New York Centurion and Metem Meer Zorg Cricket Clubs then completed the sweep with win over Victory Cricket Club in the EACA T20 Blitz group. Crucial contributions from Vijendra Sing, Francis Mendonca, Leon Mohabir, Terrence Madramootoo, Altaaf Habibulla and Trinson Carmichael secured the sweep.




Remembering Jimmy Maharaj

The planning committee for the occasion, headed by Shadi Khan, a lifelong friend of Jimmy's, had been planning the event for months. 

Big Apple decimate Atlantis in EACA 40 Over finals

It was a beautiful day for cricket. A larger than usual crowd came to enjoy a keen cricket contest between two of the best clubs in the EACA | Atlantis and Big Apple in EACA 40-Over finals | Saffie ton leads Big Apple to 2013 EACA title | 


Amsterdam ton sinks Richmond Hill Alex Amsterdam

Led by a brilliant all-round performance from Alex Amsterdam, Atlantis stormed into the EACA 40-over finals.  Like Poseidon, the mythical sea god of the fabled city of Atlantis, Amsterdam led from the front stroking a magnificent, undefeated hundred.  | Alex Amsterdam and Samantha Ramataur set to lead Atlantis |  



Captain Denesh Ramdin, can keep, can bat 

In his last 17 Tests, Ramdin averages 42.36 in 27 innings with three hundreds, and in his last four ODI innings, he has scores of 128, 74, 34, 169; 405 runs at an average of 101.25


Coach Gibson sacked, WI player tells Ondrive   

In a press release yesterday, the WICB reported that the Board and Gibson "mutually agreed to terminate their association" but in an invited comment, a member of the West Indies team informed Ondrive that 'Gibson was shown the door'. 

| Inflated egos and arrogance hinder Windies - Holding tells Ondrive | Gibson sole survivor of unholy alliance | On the question of Darren Sammy | Darren Bravo leaves tour abruptly | The curious case of coach Otis Gibson


Schoolboy 'Wonderkid' Derick Narine dethrones Demerara in 2014 Intercounty Finals

New York cricket witnessed a changing of the guards last weekend as the new kid in town, Derick Narine, took centre stage while Steve Massiah made a golden duck | Demerara retains 2013 Intercounty Championship 

John Aaron previews the 2013 Intercounty games | A brief history of the Guyana Intercounty Tournament


Kallis: Test cricket's least celebrated great

Considered the greatest allrounder of his generation, Kallis was rarely talked of in the same bracket as all-time greats such as Don Bradman, Sir Garry Sobers and Sachin Tendulkar.



Tony Cozier unplugged

The legendary commentator speaks about WSC, his fractious relationship with Lara and IPL

| Reds" Perreira honored by New York Indo-Caribbean Federation


To bat right, get your mind right - Martin Crowe

Bradman had the greatest cricketing mind. Next to him on that scale would be Tendulkar.

Batting is foot position and movement | Arthur Morris: 'Feet are the most important' 


He saved the best for last

In a speech that provoked us to tears, Tendulkar spoke from the heart, and like music to attending ears we were held spellbound by his humility



From the archives



At 21, Tendulkar had already scored 8 test hundreds. But his feats were primarily solo efforts. He was world class, but his team was still in the also-ran category.

To a batsman of Tendulkar’s calibre, this was unacceptable. In a broader context, it underscored an inconvenient truth for many Indians: despite a population of a billion people, the nation was still regarded as relatively insignificant in the sporting world.

Sachin Tendulkar - Master of Destiny




Zaheer Saffie hundred lights up the Cage

Sam Sooppersaud tells us about the brilliant hundred by Zaheer Saffie that led Big Apple to the EACA 40 Over title defeating Richmond Hill by 28 runs

Can you imagine? Brian Lara, a black man, ignored a request from Mandela? There are guys who would jump off buildings for Mandela, bigger heroes than Lara. He never answered Mandela, and I don't think he has ever answered him since then." - Pat Rousseau, the WICB president.

Where's the outrage over Sarwan's continued omission?

The young players – Edwards, Bravo, Fudadin, Powell, Charles are being sacrificed while the focus remains on freezing out Sarwan.
It was carnival in South Florida with the tassa drums; pyrotechnics from Gayle and Pollard, and the unmistakable charm of the Digicel beauties











Female Reporters slam creepy Gayle conduct

"He does this constantly," Meadows, a female reporter, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. "He's a creep, he has creepy behavior."  Starboy believes that Gayle crossed a line that he either refuses to recognize or of which he is unaware.


Baseball field turns cricket Field of Dreams

 Start spreading the news. International cricket was in New York, New York. The great country of ours, the USA never ceases to amaze and last Saturday it scaled new heights in sports with the All Stars cricket game at CITI field - home of Mets baseball. 

The Press Conference at CITI field - Home of Mets Baseball 

[l to r] Shoaib Akhtar, Kumar Sangakkara, Shane Warne, Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, 

Virender Sehwag





 Tendulkar [r] and Warne at game 5 of the World Series between the Mets and Royals


The Awards Dinner and Dance celebrating 125 years of glorious cricket will be held on Saturday, November 21, 2015 at Royal Chateau Hall.  

Nagamootoo’s Treachery, Granger's Checkered Past, Jagdeo's Betrayal of the Party 

Is Nagamootoo a traitor or a man bent on revenge? Does Granger come with dirty hands? Did Jagdeo betray the party of Dr. Jagan?


Starboy on ICC letter to USACA 

I tweeted Starboy to get an inside view to what's going on in USACA. Starboy said: Sham, USACA is a joke wrapped in a comedy inside a good, belly laugh. "Starboy, you're killing me here!", I replied. Sham, you think I am funny, said Starboy, "wait till you hear wots going on in USACA...its bloody hysterical.


USACA League Presidents dropped the ball

The board meeting in New York promised much but delivered absolutely nothing. Instead of moving a simple motion to remove Dainty and the board, the politically castrated league presidents busied themselves with petty constitutional rantings.  



Time for Gladstone Dainty to leave USA Cricket?

For most of the last 15 years, USACA has been in a permanent state of disrepute, degradation, disgrace, divisiveness, discord, disunity and debt, if many close to the game here are to be believed. And throughout those years, there has been one constant – Gladstone Dainty.




Sham Ali attack on MCL in poor taste

In a Letter to the Editor, a fan takes issue with Sham Ali's attack on the Metropolitan League


Rohan Kanhai - The best batsman in the world writes Ian McDonald

When Kanhai was batting, every stroke he played, one felt as one feels reading the best poetry of John Donne or listening to Mozart: a gift given to only a chosen few in all creation, writes Ian McDonald in the October issue of Cricinfo's Cricket Monthly.


On BCCI payroll Gavaskar, Shastri earn more than top players

Gavaskar and Shastri are paid more than Kohli and Dhoni even though Dhoni was recently named on Forbes list of most valuable athletes.| Srinivasan's refusal to quit "nauseating", says India's Supreme Court | Interests, Conflicts, and Sunil Gavaskar, Hindustan Times | BCCI appoints Ravi Shastri to IPL Probe Panel - case of conflict of interest? 




Dr. Rupert Roopnarine: Dr. Walter Rodney's Judas?

 In our lives, each of us may have our own personal Judas – someone who has no loyalty; no honour; no integrity: a traitor who cannot be trusted. Did the late Dr. Walter Rodney have his own personal Judas in Dr. Rupert Roopnarine? 




Mugabe dreams slip sliding away

What appears beyond doubt is that the election was one of the most corrupt even by Mugabe’s infamous standards of compliance farce, disenfranchised voters, Caesarian vote rigging, and hired security to enforce his unconstitutional meetings.



ICC Tim Anderson points to reason for Associate Members success

"Often it is the countries with good domestic governance that end up being successful in the long run," Anderson said. "Good administration often underpins good performance." 


School Cricket New York

Newcomers defeat Bryant in season opener

Cricket fans were treated to a gem of a Twenty20 cricket contest at Baisley Park on Thursday, April 3rd, when two former PSAL champions met in their 2014 season opener.


ICC Ambassador Michael Holding in Seventh Heaven at Sage School 

 7th graders at the Russell Sage school in Forest Hills celebrated ICC Cricket Week with Cricket Ambassador and legendary West Indian fast bowler, Michael Holding. In picture [L to R] Assistant Principal, Dr. Althea Tyson, Ambassador Holding, Athletic Director, Kathleen Ponze, and Coach, Sham Samaroo.More



West Demerara skittled for 13 extras in U15 tourneyGeorgetown star players from left Junior Phillips, Colin Phillips, Ashmead Nedd, Kurt Lovell and Alhpius Bookie

Set 292 to win, West Demerara were dismissed by Georgetown for a paltry 13 made up of only extras as no batsman managed to get off the mark. Pictured right - Georgetown stars Junior Phillips, Colin Phillips, Ashmead Nedd, Kurt Lovell and Alhpius Bookie. Future Guyana stars?










Afghanistan success a stinging indictment of USACA

Afghanistan qualified for the 2015 ICC World Cup after a comprehensive seven wicket victory over Kenya, a semifinalist of the 2003 World Cup. This is a remarkable accomplishment for a country that only won Associate Member status some 3 months ago. 


Mugabe dreams slip sliding away

What appears beyond doubt is that the election was one of the most corrupt even by Mugabe’s infamous standards of compliance farce, disenfranchised voters, Caesarian vote rigging, and hired security to enforce his unconstitutional meetings.


Dainty administration the albatross around the neck of CHA?

The removal of Secretary Williams begs the question: Is this merely the latest in a laundry list of sordid episodes that many see as proof, indisputable, that USACA is redundant, useless and outdated; and should be tossed on the junk heap of history?


USACA April Fool's Day's Surprise

I mean, come on, Selwyn Caesar? National Chairman of Selectors? Really? Selwyn Caesar has held just about every position in USACA – most famous of which is chief cook and bottle washer.


Secretary Kenwyn Williams - hero or villain?

Could Secretary Williams simply want nothing for himself ? Could Williams be motivated to act simply because it is the right thing to do?


National Championship or Kaka Bowl?

How embarrassingly ironic that an organization whose sole business is cricket has not hosted a national domestic tournament in over a year? Earlier this year, the ICC stripped USACA of the hosting rights for the World Cricket League Division 4 tournament which was to be held in Florida.