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The USACA Compliance Tango
Ondriveupdate, NY
April 12, 2012
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Can this really be true? Is this really what is happening in these great United States under the guise of compliance?Where is our sense of right and wrong; our sense of justice and fair play; our common decency and self-respect? It was on April 14, that Abraham Lincoln, America's greatest statesman, was assassinated because he wanted to abolish slavery; and ultimately to give a voice and vote to every American. How ironic that this election is scheduled on the anniversary of that day, and almost two-thirds of the electorate is being denied the right to vote for very dubious reasons.
Here are reports from three individuals, two of whom were members of the Dainty Appeals Committee, Mr. Faizan Janjau and Mr. Masaood Yunus. The third, Mr. Avinash Varma, is a league president. These gentlemen have written about their frustrating experiences with the so-called compliance review. Their emails are posted below, unedited, and in their entirety. You be the judge.

For Sake of Courage and Common Sense

From:Avinash Varma []

Sent:Thursday, April 12, 2012 11:06 AM

To:Sheikh Manaf Mohamed;;;;;;;;;;;;

Subject:Re: WMCB Official

Good Morning Mr.Mohammed,

It is now more than a week since your email regarding some sort of a review and/decision by the USACA board with respect to who represents and votes on behalf of WMCB in the upcoming elections. I have since then also contacted the auditor firm of Keefe, McCullough LLC and requested information from Mr. Tim Connolly without success.

I still haven't heard from you or anyone else in USACA on this urgent matter. As President of WMCB, which by the way, pays $ 1600 annually to USACA, I believe that I have the right to know and a right of representation that has been denied to me and my league members. Witholding information and delaying repsonses to legitimate questions and inquiries seems to have become the modus operandi of your organization and staff that purports to work in the best interest of USACA. I hope that at some point you all realize the damage that you have already done and are continuing to do to USACA, and the game of cricket in this country

Please realize that no matter what procedural chicanery USACA engages in to deny the WMCB members their rightful voice, the fact remains that Mr. Keith Gill does NOT represent WMCB or its members in ANY SHAPE, WAY, or FORM. Mr. Keith Gill is a persona non grata as far as WMCB is concerned, and the sooner USACA and its exalted board of directors accepts this fact the better it will be for all concerned. For one, it will save you extreme embarrassment in near future.

I still haven't received my ballot that I am entitled to receiving as the President of WMCB. If Mr. Keith Gill is accepted as the WMCB representative at the elections, it will be in violation of thedocumented wishes and intent of the WMCB members.

I once again demand appropriate action from the USACA Board members.

Please direct the audit firm of Keefe, McCullough LLC and Mr. Tim Connolly to act accordingly and send the ballots to me. In absence of that action, the WMCB vote at USACA elections should be considered invalid.

This message is being broadcast to all the leagues in the country.


Avinash Varma

President, WMCB

On Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 9:24 PM, ajay athavale <> wrote:

Thanks for the clarification Manaf.

One question though: Why would USACA get involved with or Micro-Manage League and Club level disputes?

-- Ajay

From: Sheikh Manaf Mohamed <>
To: Avinash Varma <>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Patel Pratik <>;

Sent: Sunday, April 1, 2012 9:54 AM
Subject: Re: WMCB Official

Dear Avinash

To clear up any misunderstanding of my e-mail (full text below) to yourself and Keith Gill, the President will not be ruling but will take the issue to the Board for a resolution.

Dear Avinash and Keith


Relative to various e-mails regarding WMCB representation to USACA, this is to acknowledge that the issue has been forwared to the President for resolution by the Board. You will be advised of the decision of the Board as soon as received.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance in this matter.

Best Regards


Sheikh M Mohamed

General Manager

USA Cricket Association
Tel: (954) 494-5347

Fax: (954) 981-1659

From: Avinash Varma <>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Patel Pratik <>;

Sent: Sun, April 1, 2012 10:32:47 AM
Subject: WMCB Official

In light of Mr. Mohammed's email to me and several others regarding the fact that the President (of USACA) will make a ruling on the dispute between Mr. Keith Gill and the rest of WMCB clubs as to who is the WMCB President and the league's true representative, let me state the following categorically and equivocation:

The President of USACA has NO business interfering in WMCB matters. WMCB clus have spoken and USACA has no choice but to accept their decision. Period.

Here are the same facts AGAIN to help you put this matter to rest:

FACT # 1. Avinash Varma was voted the President of WMCB on December, 11th 2010. The minutes of the meeting (prepared by Mr. Mike Dupigny himself) are attached for your reference.

FACT # 2. Avinash Varma and the WMCB Executive Committee members were reaffirmed as President and EC on March 24th 2012 by more 13 of the 16 member clubs of the WMCB. The 14th club has supported this mandate via phone. 14 out 16 clubs represents a mandate of 88% of the WMCB membership. 5 WMCB board members cannot tell the 88% to go to hell no matter how hard they wish. See ATTACH_2_WMCB-AGM_24Mar2012.

FACT # 3. Avinash Varma attested to his being the President of WMCB on November 9th, 2011.See ATTACH_3_WMCB_Attestation_November2011.

FACT # 4. On an email dated February 16th, Mr. Keith Gill himself acknowledges the fact that I, Avinash Varma as the league president because he requests my approval (and signature) on the compliance documents that he wanted to send to USACA. See attachment 4_Dainty's contact Information.

FACT # 5. On an email dated February 17th, I specifically requested Mr. Keith Gill NOT to send any compliance documents to anyone in USACA without my review and approval, and also requested him to send the documents to me so that I, as the league President can send the documents to USACA myself. He did not comply with my request. See attachment 5_RE_USACA Compliance Info_Email to KG_02172012.

FACT # 6. Mr. Keith Gill, puts his signature FALSELY, under oath and in front of a notary, that he is the President of WMCB. This attestation was done WITHOUT my permission and knowledge, and notarized. This is a blatant misrepresentation and will have legal ramifications.

FACT # 7. On February 15th, Mr. Keith Gill contacted Garnet Lalputan, WMCB's Match Secretary, and tried to convince Mr. Lalputan to sign the document as the secretary of the league, so that Mr. Gill could send the documents to USACA wihout my permission and even knowledge. To Mr. Lalputan's immense sense of integrity and honesty, he refused to comply with Mr. Keith Gill's request and strongly suggested to him (Mr. Gill) that he (Garnet) will not sign any documents without my (the President's) knowledge and/or permission.

FACT # 8. On March 20th, Mr. Keith Gill tries to terminate me and dissolve the board citing constitutional authority do so. One can only suspect that he did this (he had to) in order to make his February 17th attestation legitimate.

FACT # 9.On Saturday March 24th, the 13 WMCB member clubs and their representativess met in Burke, Virginia and voted to REJECT the chairman's directive, REAFFIRM Avinash Varma as the President, REINSTATE the EC, TERMINATE the Chairman of the Board, and DISSOLVE the WMCB BoD. If this fact has not yet hit home, then refer to the attachment once again.

This then is the fundamental reality that cannot be changed unless and until the WMCB clubs decide to vote the President and the EC out of office. All you, the USACA Board members need to do is to accept this fact, direct Mr. Mohammed to change the USACA records, send me the election ballots (which I haven't received) and end this DRAMA.

Gentlemen of the Board, Mr. Mohammed, and Ms. Brulport, this is NOT a joke and and I am not just a bad dream that will dissipate from your consciousness once you decide to wake up. And don't for a moment pretend that this is betwwen Avinash Varma and Mr. Gill.

This is about a sustained and systematic effort to disenfranchise and silence the voice of more than 260 members who have voted multiple times to make their choice clear.And this is about refusing to accept the fact that in any democratic organization such as WMCB, the majority opinion must prevail even if you find yourself holding the minority view.

The ramifications of ANY decision that does not recognize the majority opinion of the WMCB members will be serious and long lasting.

Very respectfully,

Avinash Varma




The Sham Appeals Committee

Faizan Janjua - Northwest Cricket League

Milton Taylor - South Florida Cricket Alliance

Milford Lewis - New york Cricket League

Masood Yunus - Minnesota Cricket Association

Sheldon Mollineau - New Jersey Cricket Association

From: Faizan Janjua <>

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 15:16:11 -0700

Subject: Sham Appeals Committee

Respected Presidents and Cricket Enthusiasts,

I’m President of Northwest Cricket League. When I took over in February, I had no first-hand knowledge about national cricket politics. I had heard about unscrupulous Management and the dysfunctional state of USACA from different sources.

As you know that USACA found 33 out of 47 leagues affiliated with USACA as non-compliant to its constitution. This was done through a very questionable process conducted by Mr. Robert Chance. This was a wicked attempt to prevent these leagues from voting in the upcoming USACA elections.

Five of these “non-compliant” leagues filed appeals to contest the compliant process. To deal with these appeals USACA President tactfully handpicked a five member Appeals Committee comprised of

Faizan Janjua - Northwest Cricket League

Milton Taylor - South Florida Cricket Alliance

Milford Lewis - New york Cricket League

Masood Yunus - Minnesota Cricket Association

Sheldon Mollineau - New Jersey Cricket Association

Three of these five member committee, Milton Taylor, Milford Lewis and Sheldon Mollineau are close cronies of Mr. Daint. Mr Dainty knew that he had his “buddies” in the committee and no matter what he would get his desired decisions. I think Masood and I were picked to make the process look legitimate.

I reluctantly accepted the responsibility thinking that this was my chance to help these leagues to be compliant. From the get-go the committee was given a very little evidence/information to look at and only two days to conclude all appeals. On the request of Masood Yonus some additional time was given.

Looking at the whole bogus compliant process, I quickly realized that these leagues were found non-complaint for petty discrepancies and all the leagues had very strong and logical explanations/reasons for that.

Yesterday the committee had a meeting to give final verdict. Mr. Yunus could not attend the meeting due to other engagements. During the deliberation it was quite clear that the three gentlemen came with a pre-determined mind set to ignore all the evidence and wanted to rubber stamp Mr. Chance’s dubious findings. After going through first two appeals it was obvious for me, the direction all decisions were going to. It was very frustrating for me see how these leagues were being cheated to be compliant. So I dropped out of the call early.

I sincerely apologize from cricket lovers in general and especially to these five leagues that I was so naïve that I was fooled to become a part of this sham committee. But this experience helped me to understand that how USACA is controlling, manipulating and suppressing the development of cricket in US. I also believe that under Mr. Dainty’s leadership, cricket in this country will never flourish

I know there are many individuals/groups who are fighting against the current thug culture of USACA. We’ll only succeed if we consolidate our efforts to one platform instead of nitpicking against each other.


Faizan Janjua

President Northwest Cricket League.

Appeals Committee Update

From: Masaood Yunus <>

Date: Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 2:58 PM

Subject: Re: Appeals Committee Update

To: Sheldon Mollineau <>
Cc:, Robert Chance <>, Manaf Mohammed <>,,, Gladstone Dainty <>,, John Thicket <>,

Fellow Appeals Committee and USACA Board,

Thank You for rushing out the decision last night. I understand that the members might have deliberated on all the 5 cases, but still don't understand the need to rush out the decision without full committee participation/consultation.

I want to make sure that this email becomes part of the record that I do not agree with the rushness of this decision, and was absent on a valid reason. Based on the email trail, no one can make time at last minutes for critical decisions like these. I also indicated to Manaf in my email last week that we are 'hoping' to reach a decision on Wednesday. The Appeals Committee didn't meet whole week and a decision was conveyed within a couple hours meeting. My absence should be noted as not on purpose, but lack of proper communication/consultation among the Appeals Committee.

I also find it extremely unprofessional and bizarre that an individual with the name 'Kenwyn Williams' made the appeals committee decision announcement, and appear to have inside information. Going by his past track record, I wonder how he usually get inside information,ahead of time. Oh well.

Thank You,

On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 8:35 PM, Sheldon Mollineau <> wrote:


The Appeals Committee Meeting was convened at 6:45pm on Wednesday April 11th, 2012.

Members present were Mr. Milford Lewis, Mr. Melton Taylor, Mr. Faizan Janjua and Mr. Sheldon Mollineau.

Absent was Mr. Masaood Yunus.

This meeting was scheduled for the purpose of voting.

As an Appeal Committee our duties were to review all documents provided and make an assessment on whether or not Mr. Robert Chance Compliance guidelines was within the parameter of USACA Constitution.

After days of review we found that Mr. Chance guidelines were undeniably within the parameter of the USACA Constitution and his correspondence to all USACA Leagues were clearly explained and documented.

As a committee we were also asked to review Mr. Chance and the USACA board decision to declare these five leagues non-compliant.

The Leagues are Cricket League of New Jersey, California Cricket Academy, Northern California Cricket League, Connecticut Cricket League and the Midwest Cricket League.

After careful review and deliberation the committee voted unanimously in support of Mr. Chance and USACA Board decision to declare the Midwest Cricket League non-compliant.

It the case of these Leagues Cricket League of New Jersey, California Cricket Academy, Northern California Cricket League, Connecticut Cricket League the Committee voted 3-1 in support of Mr. Chance and USACA Board decision to declare them non-compliant also.

Masaood Yunus

Minnesota Cricket Association (MCA)

Ph: (612) 326-4090

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